Cocktails Drink Recipes

The quintessential choice for an evening drink, cocktails are modern and classic at the same time. With the myriad of cocktail recipes available everyone is sure to find at least a few which suits their palette. From sweet to fruity to bitter, cocktails are enjoyed by most. If you feel that we have left out a worthy drink, please don't hesitate to contact us to let us know. Below you can find some of Drink Jockey's popular recipes, and you can also use the alphabetical drink recipe index to browse our catalog.

Cocktail drink recipes began making an appearance during the prohibition years in the United States. Fruity cocktails became the perfect way to serve awful tasting bootleg alcohol. The word itself cam into being because colonial taverns would combine the left over cock tailings from different barrels and sell it for a lesser price. It takes a skilled bartender to understand the difference between mixed drinks and cocktails. While mixed drinks are often overloaded with alcohol and seltzer, a truly well done cocktail will have a smooth texture and awaken taste buds with its flavor. The Old Fashioned is a great way to test any bartender's skills. A proper Old Fashioned will be an expert blend of flavor that joins orange, sweet sugar, and whiskey. If the drink has too much seltzer and tastes as if it has only been garnished by the orange, it is definitely of poor quality. Certain ingredients, such as gin, also need to be chilled well in order to be incorporated well into the cocktail. When made well, a cocktail can be the most enjoyable part of a solitary cold night.