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Beer & Ale

Beer is made from the fermentation of cereal grains such as barley and wheat, and usually contains hops, which naturally preserve the drink and add bitterness to it. Beer is the world most commonly consumed alcoholic drink, and in the genre of general beverages, is bested only by tea and water. Beer has been around for centuries, believed by many to be the oldest kind of alcoholic drink to have been created, as records mentioning beer date back to nearly 1770 BC (Code of Hammurabi). Beer-drinking, beer festivals, and public houses (pubs) has become a staple cultural aspect of many countries around the world. Because of its relatively low alcohol content, beer is often consumed in larger quantities than other kinds of alcohol and is both a common daily beverage as it is a celebratory drink. Ale is a type of malted barley beer that is brewed using a warming fermentation through yeast to quicken the brewing process. There are many kinds of ale such as pale ale (usually more of a bitter taste), golden ale, scotch ale strongly malt-flavored amber/reddish ale), barley wine (sweet, malty and fruity taste), etc. Other ales include mild ale, Burton ale, old ale, Belgian ale, etc.