World's Most Popular Drink Recipes


Brandy was first named by the Dutch, who called it "brandewijn", or burnt wine. Indeed, brandy is closely related to wine, as it is also distilled from grapes and other fruit.Brandy


The spelling whisky is generally utilized for those distilled in Scotland, Canada, and Japan, while whiskey (with an 'e') is used for the spirits distilled in Ireland and the U.S. ...Whisky


Vodka is a strong, clear, typically colorless liquor, usually distilled from fermented grain. It is thought that the term is a diminutive of the Slavic word "voda" for "water,"...Vodka


The history of gin differs from many other popular spirits, as it was originally intended to be ingested for medicinal purposes. Gin is a clear liquor distilled from grain, similar to vodka.Gin


Rum is an alcoholic drink made by distillation and fermentation of sugarcane by-products such as molasses & sugarcane juice. It is then usually aged in oak and other casks.Rum


Tequila, a strong distilled alcoholic beverage, comes from an area near Tequila, a town in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is made from the agave plant, a succulent native to Mexico.Tequila

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