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This fruity wine distillate originated in medieval Europe, and became a household staple. Made from grapes, fruits and berries, brandy has been used to sweeten desserts and main dishes, as well as treat medical ailments. Cognac, named for a region in France, is the most popular form of this well-loved drink.Brandy


This classic drink made from fermented grain mash, has been in licensed production continuously since the 1600's. From the oldest distillery making Irish Whisky, to American-made corn Bourbon, or Single Malted Scotch; this oak-aged whisky, is globally revered as one of the most varied and refined spirits.Whisky


Though both Poland and Russia claim the origin of this drink, the significance of vodka in both Eastern Europe and Russia is as undisputed as the liquid is clear. Made from starches like grains and potatoes, this water and ethanol combination can often be a flavorful addition to cocktails all over the world.Vodka


Thoroughly distilled from juniper berries, gin has played a major role in alcohol history. Famed as "Dutch courage" and the "bathtub gin" which popularized (and necessitated) mixed drinks in the 1920's; this spirit was also known for its many medicinal properties. Gin has made an indelible mark on the world.Gin


Made of fermented cane and molasses, rum became a famous by-product of the Sugar Industry in Caribbean. Rum, father to "grog," was a well-loved beverage of both pirates and sailors. This spirit has infamously graced coffins, been mixed with spices, in sauces, dessert recipes and cocktails since its beginning. Rum


Blue agave plants thrive in the region of Tequila, Mexico for years before their juice is fermented. Aging in wood or steel vats, the distillation process purifies this historical Mexican drink. Having become a favorite spirit, tequila is enjoyed straight, with lime and salt, or mixed in flavorful cocktails.Tequila